Typewriters – the better writing experience?

You can’t delete or spell-check, can’t skip a page without wasting paper, can’t hit publish and have to change the ribbon when you’re running out of ink. From today’s perspective, using a typewriter seems impractical.

So why do people still use typewriters?

If writing is your craft, you need the right tools. And choosing the right tools to get your work done, is completely up to personal preference. Some people prefer pens over pencils, sheets of A4 paper over notebooks. Some don’t mind the odd push notification and some actually enjoy breaking up their routine with the occasional email.

You prefer a writing environment that is in your control and doesn’t control you? You should choose a typewriter.

A distraction-free writing experience

A typewriter will work great for you, if you thrive in a distraction-free writing environment. Its only purpose is enabling you to write. Nothing more, nothing less. Focus by design.

Putting more thought into your composition

Some writers believe that each sentence has more weight when you use a typewriter.

Think about digital photography. Why waste time and carefully think about your motive, if you can take 20 snapshots, some of which will surely turn out alright?

As a serious writer, you want to put thought into your work and reduce your “lucky shots”. You want to master your craft. Drafting your work on a typewriter gives you less margin of error, and could eventually make you a better writer.